Deposit Accounts

At RVA-FPCU we offer a variety of Savings and Checking Accounts, along with Debit cards for convenient access to your money.  All members must open a Savings Account to deposit the membership share amount ($5.00) which represents their ownership in RVA-FPCU. 

Checking (Draft) Accounts

  • Credit unions refer to Checking Accounts as Draft Accounts and Checks as Drafts, these accounts are basically the same as Checking Accounts opened most anywhere.
  • No monthly maintenance/service fee or per check fee.
  • No minimum balance required; accounts with a higher balance may earn dividends.

Savings & Club Accounts

  • Set up a direct deposit or payroll deduction to your account and make saving more convenient.
  • Account earns dividends.
  • Open multiple accounts for different purposes such as one account used for Christmas and one for Vacation.

Savings (Share) Certificates

  • Credit unions refer to Certificate of Deposits (CDs) as Share or Savings Certificates, these Certificates function basically the same as Certificates opened most anywhere.
  • Account earns dividends.
  • Variety of terms available.

Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs)

  • Traditional, Roth & Education products.
  • Set up a direct deposit or payroll deduction to your IRA account and make saving more convenient.
  • Low to no fees and account earns dividends.
  • You can open a new traditional IRA or transfer your existing traditional IRA.