Become A Member

After you join Richmond Virginia Fire Police Credit Union, as long as you remain in good standing, you can always retain your membership, even if there is a change in how you originally qualified.  Below are the current methods for qualifying for membership at RVA-FPCU and what to do next once you qualify.  

Who Qualifies For Membership

  • Persons employed by the Richmond, Virginia Fire Department.
  • Persons employed by the Richmond, Virginia Police Department.
  • Persons employed by the Hanover Fire Department.
  • Persons employed by the Richmond Ambulance Authority.
  • Persons within the immediate family or household of a RVA-FPCU member.
  • Organizations of such persons.

I Qualify For Membership, What's Next

  • Complete our Membership Application.
  • On the application you can designate account types and whether or not your accounts opened under the membership are jointly owned.
  • Return your completed Application to us and you will receive disclosures specific to your membership and account products.  These disclosures include our Membership and Account Agreement, Truth-in-Savings Disclosure, and Funds Availability Policy Disclosure.
  • We need a valid government issued picture ID.
  • You must deposit $5 into your Share account (this represents your purchase of one share of ownership) before your membership is considered opened and active.