Our Volunteers

Thank you volunteers!

People serving on our Board and Committees are volunteers that do so without pay. Our Volunteers are the best! Without these folks and their dedication, our credit union would not be as good as it is.  We extend thanks to you from all our staff and our membership. 

Board of Directors


Robert Marland, Chairperson
Stacey A. Harris, Vice-Chairperson
Linn M. Rowh Jr., Treasurer
Robert S. Baumgardner Jr., Secretary
Jeff McKinney, Asst. Secretary


Russell G. Acors III
William E. Bridgers
Malvin E. Caldwell
William Friday
Lawrence E. Glidewell Jr.
Don A. Salotti
Melody C. Spivey
James E. Verlander Sr.

Supervisory Committee

Committee Members

Sylvester I. Henderson, Chairperson
Jeffrey G. Currie
Cynthia Hayes
Shawn L. Jones
Kent O. Taylor
Cynthia L. Weaver
John “Mike” Williams
Carolyn Wright
Nathan Zeigler


Iris Ellis, CEO/President Ext. 208
Glenn Grooms, Vice President Ext. 102
LeZena Pollard, Branch Manager Ext. 201
Christina Bridgers, ACH Ext. 105
Shanna Watford, Loan Officer Ext. 103
Chemeka Williams, Loan Officer Ext. 202
Robert Jones, Loan Officer (Part-Time) Ext. 104
Shynisha Jay, Member Service Rep./Marketing Ext. 101
Vanice Toler-Mercer, Member Service Rep. Ext. 106
Lizzie Hayes, Member Service Rep. Ext. 204