Important Reminders

Travel Notifications

Before traveling, ensure that you have contacted the credit union. A travel notification will be placed on your card, and this will prevent the Fraud Department from placing a temporary hold on your account. 

The Fraud Department will never ask for personal information. If you are ever unsure, please contact a Member Service Rep. for help during business hours. 

Cash Limits

As a reminder, the branches have a $1,500 daily cash limit. Please call at least 24 hours in advance for large amounts. 

Mobile Payment Apps

Given the fraud that RVA-FPCU has seen with pay to pay apps we have placed a limit on the dollar amount that you may transfer in a transaction. If you need to transfer more than $200, please contact a Member Service Rep. during business hours.

Major Purchases

If you are making a purchase on your debit card which exceeds $2,000, please contact us before your purchase. We can temporary increase your limit. 

Service Center Check Holds

When making deposits at service center branches, please be advised that there will be a hold placed on checks which is usually for 3-5 business days. For additional questions, please contact a Member Service Rep. at 804-354-0673. To find a service center location near you, please visit the "Deposit" tab on this website.