Insurance Products

Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance is underwritten through CUNA Mutual Group, a third-party that provides loan payment protection in the event of death or a disability. 

Obtaining Coverage from CUNA Mutual Group

The easiest way to enroll is to request insurance coverage at the time you apply for a loan with us.  This is because CUNA does not require you to answer health questions or to submit extra paperwork if coverage is elected at the time of the loan request. 

When considering any insurance coverage, it is recommended that you review all benefits, restrictions and limitations of the coverge before agreeing to purchase insurance.  Below are a few highlights of CUNA's limitations and coverage.

  • Credit life insurance reduces or pays off the loan balance if the member dies before the loan is repaid.
  • Credit disability insurance makes payment on the loan when a member is totally disabled due to a covered illness or accident.
  • $30,000 maximum life insurance coverage.
  • Credit life insurance is available to those up to age 70.
  • Credit disability insurance is available to those up to age 66 who are actively working for wages for at least 25-hours per week.