Payroll, ACH & Direct Deposit

Our Routing | ABA Number is 251082411.  Avoid standing in line or security worries with paper checks by having your payroll or other funds directly deposited into your savings or checking account via an electronic transaction. 

Direct Deposit & ACH Deposits

At minimum, the following information should be provided to your employer, financial institution or other party in order for us to know where to credit incoming Direct Deposits or ACH credits.

  1. Our Name: Richmond Virginia Fire Police Credit Union, Inc. (RVA-FPCU)
  2. Our ABA #: 251082411
  3. Your full name as it appears on our records

Your 13-digit account number for crediting the funds.  To get the proper 13-digits, you start with the number 218 and end with your membership number along with the check digit (checking account) or account suffix (other accounts) and in between you insert zeros to comprise a 13-digit number.  For example, if the member number is 98765 and the savings suffix is 01, the 13-digit number is 2180009876501.  Checking accounts have a unique check digit so ask us for the proper account number to avoid delays in posting.

Establishing Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction

Having funds electronically credited to your RVA-FPCU account is a two-part process.  The first process is to have the Originator (your employer or other payer) send funds to your RVA-FPCU checking or savings account.  The second process is for us to credit the funds received to your account. 
When funds come in we post the entire amount to your designated savings or checking account.  Then, if you have instructed us to distribute your funds to any other account, for example, to make your loan payment, then we set up transfer records to electronically debit your savings or checking account and credit this other account(s). 
Here is an overview of our two Forms that are available in the above tab links.

  • Payroll Deduction Form.  This form is only for employees of the City of Richmond.  This form is used when you want to begin sending money to your RVA-FPCU account for the first time, or you have funds coming in and want to change the amount, and/or to which account funds are credited.
  • Transfer Authorization Form.  This form is to be used by members that want to designate that funds be transferred from their RVA-FPCU savings or checking account and posted to another RVA-FPCU account.  This form is only for our use so you do not need to provide a copy to the Originator.

Benefits of Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

  • Saves you time and trips to the branch and this can lower your gasoline costs.
  • Gives you peace of mind because you know that your money was deposited.
  • No risk of stolen, lost or forged checks.
  • Protects our environment by reducing the paper and ink needed to print paper checks.
  • Easier to save money by automatically depositing it into a savings account where you are less likely to spend it.
  • Government and many other employers will deposit funds a day early if a payday falls on a federal holiday.
  • Loan payments can be made automatically so you won't have the worries of paying late and owing a fee.
  • If you are ill or out of town, there is no worry because your deposit will be in your account on or before the day your payroll is issued.